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February 26, 2017
Giving to the Giver
by Christi Huff
Scripture Reading: Exodus 25

Chapter 25 of Exodus is literally a treasure trove of information, and much can be learned from this descriptive chapter detailing God’s instructions for the ark of the covenant and other furnishings of the future tabernacle. Moses was instructed by God to collect an offering from the people to supply the materials needed, and it is interesting to note that he was specifically told to collect only from those who gave willingly with their heart. So many times we approach giving with the attitude of “How much do I have to give?”, when we would be better served to ask, “What may I give to the Lord?”

God also gave specific directions for what should be collected, and even a quick reading of the chapter leaves no doubt that it was to be the very best. Surely He gave the very best in sending His only Son to redeem man, and surely Christ gave His very best when He poured out His own precious blood upon the cross to cover our sins. How could that not motivate us to want to offer our best to God in return? If we are to be conformed to Christ’s image, there is no getting around our duty to give in the manner that He did.

In verses 10-22, we find instructions for making the ark of the covenant and what was to go inside it: “And there I will meet with you, and I will speak with you from above the mercy seat…” (v. 22). Isn’t it wonderful to realize that before God even gave Moses the law, He made provision for atonement for failing to keep the law? God’s mercy is surely beyond comprehension.

The instructions given to Moses in Exodus 25 were specific, detailed, and attributed solely to God. There was no room for interpretation, not by Moses, nor by the workers tasked with creating God’s design. In his commentary on the chapter, Matthew Henry observed, “Wisdom never changes its measures; whatever is purposed shall undoubtedly be performed, and all His ordinances must be administered according to His institutions.” And so it should be as we grow in our service to the Lord. We must offer our gifts willingly, always seeking to serve Him according to His design, and not our own.

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