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February 5, 2017
What Difference Can One Person Make?
by Christi Huff
Scripture Reading: Genesis 47

In today’s increasingly godless society, it is easy to think that we, as Christians, aren’t able to make a real and lasting difference for the cause of Christ. To take a moral stand in today’s world often results in being met with hostility and ridicule. Surely, during his many times of adversity, Joseph must have wondered if staying the course would be worth it in the end. In today’s reading, that question is definitively answered as we see the culmination of God’s plan for preserving the future of an entire nation through Joseph.

Despite his circumstances, Joseph always lived a consistent life of integrity for the Lord. Chapter 47 opens with Joseph presenting his father and five of his brothers to Pharaoh in order to request land on which to live and raise their flocks. It is interesting to note that, although Pharaoh knew next to nothing about the character of Joseph’s family, he showed them great kindness. In fact, he provided them with everything that was requested, all for Joseph’s sake. Surely they didn’t deserve such favor, considering their treatment of Joseph in his younger years, yet he faithfully mediated for them with Pharaoh to see that they lacked nothing.

We too have a faithful Mediator who intercedes on our behalf. Isaiah 53:3 tells us He was despised and rejected by men, and yet, even so, God, who is rich in mercy, provided us with one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all. (Ephesians 2:4, 1Tim 2:5-6). Certainly there is nothing in and of ourselves that deserves God’s favor, and yet, as believers, He has made us joint heirs with Jesus Christ, all for His sake.

Can one person make a difference? Surely Joseph did. His willingness to follow God at all costs allowed him to be an instrument in saving innumerable lives from physical death. But One greater than Joseph made a difference of far greater value by saving innumerable souls from spiritual death. Is it unreasonable, then, that we should strive to make a difference for Him? The only unreasonable thing is to not want to make a difference for Him.

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