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January 15, 2017
A Bride for Isaac
by Julie Sturm
Scripture Reading: Genesis 24

Isaac was Abraham and Sara’s promised son, born to them when they were advanced in age. His parents loved God (both are mentioned in Hebrews 11), and he grew to love God as well, as demonstrated by his cooperation with Abraham when he was told to offer Isaac as a sacrifice.

Isaac worshipped God as he was instructed by his parents (Gen 18:19) and was obedient even to death (Gen 22:9-10). Isaac demonstrated humility, honor, faith, love, and trust…all great qualities in a future husband, following Abraham’s godly example.

Abraham was determined that his son not marry a Canaanite wife (v. 3). Therefore, he sent his most trusted servant, Eliezer, to find a bride for Isaac from his own family. He was willing to invest a lot to ensure the prospects were favorable (v. 10). He, no doubt, considered it prayerfully and knew God was in the plan (v. 7). God is always the BEST matchmaker.

God blessed Eliezer’s journey by leading him to a “chance” encounter with Isaac’s future bride, Rebekah. She proved to have all the qualities a godly man would want in a wife - she was virtuous, industrious, modest, hospitable, generous, and very beautiful. Most importantly, she was willing to believe Eliezer and leave her family to be Isaac’s bride.

Each step of the way there were people who loved God trusting God’s will and way. Abraham and Sarah trusted God with Isaac. Isaac trusted God by trusting his dad’s judgment. Eliezer trusted God to lead him to a wife for Isaac. Rebekah trusted God by leaving her family to marry Isaac. Their trust in God produced the love of a lifetime, and a marriage that lasted a lifetime.

Most people desire a marriage and a love like that of Isaac and Rebekah. Is it possible today? It is if we will trust God. For those seeking a spouse, trust God by following His principles and His leading. Don’t manipulate or settle for anything less than God’s best. Focus on becoming the right person, instead of looking for the right person, by developing godly qualities that a godly spouse would find appealing.

For parents, we need to be PRAYING for our children’s future spouses. We also need to lead our children to trust God by teaching them the necessity of being equally yoked together as believers. We need to help our children develop qualities that make a godly spouse. Most importantly, we need to LIVE in a way that honors our marriage covenant by being devoted to our spouses in every way as an example for our children.

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