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January 14, 2017
The Test
by Eric Doucet
Scripture Reading: Genesis 22-23

Genesis 22 is one of the most amazing chapters in God’s Word. It is tense with drama, overflowing with pictures of Calvary, filled with practical lessons, and extremely complicated regarding what God demanded of Abraham.

Abraham was commanded by God to offer Isaac as a burnt offering to God as a test. The Hebrew word for ‘test’ carries the idea of testing for the purpose of proving character or worth. The test Abraham faced on Mt. Moriah was infinitely more difficult than the test he faced when he was called to leave home without being told where he was going, or even the test he faced when he was told to send Ishmael away. This test involved his long awaited son, the son he loved, his only son. Abraham was forced to prove whom he loved the most - Isaac or God.

As we know, Abraham passed God’s test. Abraham was really prepared to plunge a knife into his son in obedience to God. What’s remarkable is that we never read anything about Abraham hesitating at any point - not once, not even when it came time to actually obey God’s command.

How did Abraham do it? Why was he willing to sacrifice his son for God? That answer is found in v. 5, where we find the first use of the word “worship” in the Bible. Abraham told his men that he and Isaac were both going up the mountain to worship! (He also told them that both he and Isaac would return. Heb 11:17-19)

Worship (from old English worthship) is not singing songs about God in church. Worship is simply recognizing God’s worth and responding accordingly, in a manner pleasing to God, anywhere and anytime. Worship cannot be on our terms; it must be on God’s terms (in spirit and in truth) or it is not worship. Abraham rightly recognized that God was infinitely more worthy to be loved than Isaac and he responded accordingly, on God’s terms.

Maybe it’s time for you to take the test. Who or what do you love more than God? Who or what are your “Isaacs”? Are you willing to lay all your “Isaacs” on the altar for God? Is He worth that much to you? Are you willing to recognize the Lord’s true worth and respond accordingly, on His terms?

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