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January 6, 2017
God’s Gracious Memory
by Scotty McCurdy
Scripture Reading: Genesis 8-9

Genesis 8 opens with one of the great statements in the Bible, “Then God remembered Noah.” At the time, Noah and his family had been in the ark for 150 days. But now, with the rains stopped and the waters still prevailing, they may have wondered if God had forgotten them. But God had not, and in fact was with them at every step. God’s merciful remembrance of these eight people and their living cargo lays the groundwork for Genesis 8-9.

In these chapters, the establishment of the Noahic Covenant takes place through God’s promise to never again destroy the inhabitants of the world through a global flood, regardless of man’s inability to live righteously (8:21-22; 9:11). The symbol of this covenant would be the rainbow (9:13).

Consider this: why is there a symbol at all? Does God, whose perfection knows no limit, who never changes nor falters nor forgets, need a sign to jog His memory? Obviously not. Thus, while God is the One who established the covenant (9:10-11), the symbol is for us. Think of Noah: he was well aware that God brought the flood because of the unrighteousness of man and that he himself was a sinner in need of grace. Fear would have gripped at him continually that God would once again bring a flood, and that there would be no ark for him this time because of his failures.

But God, in His mercy, gave Noah a sign that He was remembering His covenant grace. So, when fear struck the hardest, Noah need only to look to the rainbow to find peace. No matter how hard the storm raged he knew God would remember him and remain faithful to His promise.

We as believers find ourselves in life’s storms often, wondering where God is. We too must look to the sign, though ours is far greater than the rainbow: it is the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. God has shown His faithfulness to the Noahic Covenant, how much more faithful will He be to the New Covenant that was sealed with the blood of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ? When fear attacks us and our accuser besieges us, we need only to look to the empty tomb of Jesus to find our peace, knowing that God has shown us that He will be faithful and will remember us in His grace.

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