Today's Manna

January 3, 2017
The First Gospel
by Lois McBride
Scripture Reading: Genesis 3

The origin of sin in our world has its beginning in Genesis 3. We must understanding that this was an actual, historical event as recorded in God's Word, not to be explained away by any other line of thought.

The creation account in Genesis 1 and 2 reveals that there was no disorder, chaos, conflict, struggle, pain, or death in God’s original creation. Sin, then, must have a definite entry point into God's perfect creation. This is the only explanation that helps us understand the world as it currently is - not perfect as God intended, but a world filled with evil, violence, chaos, struggle, pain, disease, and death. Every mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, moral, social, economic, and political problem has its origin here in Genesis 3.

Sin entered first through Eve when she was deceived by the serpent into entertaining the possibility that God had gone too far in His right to set parameters for them. The forbidden fruit looked especially appealing to her eyes. Seeds of doubt were planted and taking root. Satan then moved from casting doubt to boldly lying to Eve. His lie, ”you shall not surely die,” convinced Eve to eat. Adam saw that she was seemingly untouched by eating the forbidden fruit, so he followed her lead.

Immediately, "the eyes of both were opened and they knew that they were naked.” Instantly, guilt filled their hearts and minds, guilt being God’s way of warning us that there is sin in our lives that needs to addressed. As much as the world would try to do away with guilt, it always accompanies sin. Covering themselves with fig leaves and "hiding" from God was not effective in removing the condemning stain of sin and guilt.

God, though, demonstrated His love for them by seeking them while they were sinners. He provides hope for them and all mankind in the form of Good News, the promise of a coming Deliverer who would crush the head of the serpent. We know that Deliverer as Jesus Christ, who crushed the serpent’s head when He died for man’s sin and was resurrected from the dead. Now, anyone ready and willing to repent can turn to Jesus Christ to have their sins forgiven by God and have the power of sin and death broken in their lives.

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