Pastor's Study Trip


Greetings in the name above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ, from the Isle of Patmos. I hope this finds you doing well and making preparations for a great Lord's day. It is 10:30pm Saturday evening local time, so it is 2:30pm your time. We have an early start (in the lobby with luggage at 7:15am) so this will be fairly short.

We are leaving Patmos in the morning by boat for a 4 hour trip to Turkey. We will spend tomorrow afternoon in Ephesus, then on to Smyrna (modern day Izmir) for the evening. The following day we will take a tour of Cappadocia.

This trip has been amazing. I have walked on the Via Egnatia in Philippi, stood on Mars Hill and read Paul's sermon from Acts 17, stood in the marketplace in Cortinth, and sat in the supposed cave that John lived in on Patmos - all very moving experiences.

Thank you for the opportunity to take this trip. It has been extremely enlightening. I would post pictures but I can't with the setup I have. I must go for now. May the Lord bless your day and keep you in His grace and peace until I see you again.

Bro. Eric

Via Egnatia in Philippi - the main Roman road between Rome and Byzantium (Istanbul)

Standing on Mars Hill in Athens looking up at Parthenon

Amphitheater at Philippi

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