Early Childhood Development (Nursery)

Our mission in the Texas Avenue Baptist Church nursery it to minister to babies, toddlers and their parents by providing a safe, loving, nurturing and enjoyable environment that will cultivate a love for Christ in our children's hearts that will eventually lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We want to make you familiar with information that will help you feel secure in placing your child in our care. Our desire is that this information will help both you and your child have a positive nursery experience.


  • Begins 15 minutes prior to the service.
  • Check child in at the check-in table in the nursery hallway.
  • Parents will be asked to fill out an information sticker for each child. This will be placed on the child's diaper bag and will give nursery volunteers information to better care for your child.
  • Parents will be given a pager which will be used if we need you.
  • When picking up your child, you must turn in your parent pager to the greeter at the check-in table.
  • Proceed to your child's nursery and tell the volunteer which child you are picking up. Please do not enter the nursery area. The volunteer will get your child and their diaper bag.

Feeding Time

  • We will provide age-appropriate snacks for your child. These include: Cheerios, Animal Crackers, Fruit Loops and Goldfish.
  • Please give the nursery volunteers any special feeding instructions for your child (allergies, etc.)
  • We provide a "Mommy Corner" in the infant nursery for nursing mothers.

Packing your bag

  • When packing your child's diaper bag, make sure you include diapers/pull-ups, bottles, cups, pacifiers, blankets, burp cloths and a change of clothes.
  • Please be sure to label your child's belongings, especially your child's bottle or cup. Bottles should be labeled with child's name and instructions.

Healthy Babies

The health and wellness of your child and other children in our care is important to us.
Please help us keep our nurseries healthy by not admitting your child into the nursery if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fresh cold (4 days or less)
  • Fever, vomiting, or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • Persistent cough (associated with respiratory infection, cold, etc.)
  • Runny nose with a yellow or green-colored discharge
  • Unexplained rash
  • Or any other communicable diseases

If your child exhibits any of these symptoms while in our care, you will be contacted. We ask for your cooperation, consideration and understanding as we work together to maintain a healthy and happy nursery.

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