Biblical Counseling

What is Biblical Counseling?
Biblical counseling is simply that, counsel from the Bible. Biblical counseling starts and ends with one fundamental truth - The Bible, God's Word, is sufficient to answer the issues and problems of life. Because God created human beings, we believe God is best qualified to address human issues and He does this through the Bible. Think of the Bible as God's "owner's manual' for human beings. You wouldn't use an owner's manual from a Toyota to fix an issue with a Ford. Ford is the manufacturer. Thus, the Ford owner's manual would be the best place to look for answers about a Ford vehicle.

Biblical counseling brings hope to any situation by helping people identify their problems in biblical terms and addressing the heart issues at the core of any problem. Once this is accomplished, the counselees can apply God's biblical solution, resulting in actual change and growth. Texas Avenue Baptist Church provides free Biblical counseling to individuals, couples, and families seeking help in such areas as marriage, parenting, finances, addictions, fear, anger, grief, worry, etc.

Who can make an appointment?
Although first priority will be given to members of Texas Avenue Baptist Church who desire biblical counseling, anyone desiring biblical counseling can receive counseling. All counselees are to attend Sunday School and Sunday morning worship services at Texas Avenue Baptist Church while receiving counseling. These two services offer additional opportunities to hear and apply God's Word to your life which results in spiritual growth and life change.

How can an appointment be made?
Inquiries can be made by calling the church office at 979.696.6000. Forms for counseling will be sent to you and will need to be completed prior to the initial appointment. Once the forms are received, a counselor will contact you to set up an initial session. At this session, the counselor will explain the process and offer you some initial thoughts about what the Word of God says about your situation.

When are appointments available?
Counseling is offered by appointment Tuesday-Friday.

What is expected of the counselee?
The counselee must be willing to:

  • Sign the Consent to Biblical Counseling form provided in the initial forms that are sent;
  • Agree to the presence of counselors in training during your sessions;
  • Attend Sunday School and Sunday morning worship weekly at Texas Avenue Baptist Church. In the event one of these services is missed, we offer Sunday and Wednesday evening Bible studies you can attend;
  • Complete any assigned homework prior to the counseling appointment (assignments may include reading materials, worksheets, and Scripture memory & meditation). (The counselor reserves the right to discontinue any counseling if the counselee consistently refuses to complete homework assignments);
  • Arrive on time for each appointment and call ahead to reschedule when necessary;
  • Learn and allow the counselor to speak truth to him/her.

How often will appointments be scheduled?
Counselors will meet with a counselee once a week to allow the counselee adequate time to complete the homework assignments.

What will be the length of each counseling session?
Counseling sessions are typically 1hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

How long does the counseling process usually last?
Typically the counselor and counselee will meet for 12-15 sessions spread out over a period of several months.

What is the cost?
There is no cost for the counseling. Some counseling books and materials may need to be purchased.

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